Protein for Life


At Mera our focus is the development of sustainable, cost efficient nutrition programs that have a positive impact on the community and the environment. We have always believed that while it may be necessary to provide emergency food supplies, the local communities must be supported and encouraged to learn to sustain themselves in the long term.

Our long term objective is to provide a sustainable soybean production and processing platform that can substantially alleviate hunger and provide an opportunity for a community paradigm shift.

Protien for Lifer - Mera Food
Protien for Lifer - Mera Food Approach


Mera has developed soy processing units that can each produce approximately 120,000 servings per day of highly nutritious soy beverage to those in need – be it children, mothers, elderly or any person that requires nourishment.

Our processing technology is compact, mobile and can be easily placed in any community that need nutrition. Our patented process only requires soybeans and water to provide a low cost, full fibre, nutrient rich soy beverage. Our process can be fully self-sufficient by treating local water, generating the required power, processing the soy beverage and pasteurizing and packaging it to meet local needs. Alternatively the processing system can be integrated into existing production facilities.

An integral aspect of our approach is to not only provide basic nutrition, but also to ensure that local communities have the opportunity to become self sustainable.

Mera’s innovative Protein for Life™ full cycle program provides an immediate and cost efficient solution to hunger while working with aid agencies and local governments. Advantages of our development program can be identified in the key phases below:

  • Deploying mobile processing facilities which can immediately produce soy beverage for those in need while creating jobs within the community to support the production and distribution.
  •  Providing soy beverage as part of school feeding programs, which will help encourage children to attend school.
  • Developing local soybean supply by working with agronomists and trainers to contract local farmers at preferential pricing to produce soybeans – thus encouraging rural development and providing the framework for a sustainable future.
Protien for Lifer - Mera Food Goals
Protien for Lifer - Mera Food Premise

What Mera’s Protein For Life™ Program Will Achieve
Short term: Immediate nutrition for people in the community – Up to 120,000 servings per day. (This can be scaled up or down depending on the requirement)

Long term: Social development and community stability through rural development programs and immediate local job creation through production and distribution.

The Phased Development Approach