Humanitarian Work


Mera Is committed to its humanitary program and the improvement of the lives of those less fortunate and in need. We dedicate a portion of our revenues to local growing and feeding programs in the countries in which we operate. Mera believes the fastest way to improve nutrition and education is feeding programs and locally grown products.

School Feeding Program, UN Prison Feeding, and Hurricane Matthew

Mera began a feeding program in September 2016 to provide nourishment to disadvantaged kids and developed environmentally friendly dispensing method to service 600+ students per day SoyShake flavoured with vanilla and sweeteners to provide protein and carbohydrates in a tasty beverage.

Mera provided the UN in Haiti 240,000 servings to sustain the prison system

In October 2016 Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Haiti and locals had limited or no access to food or clean water.

Mera was one of the first organizations on site, before many international aid agencies, and arrived with four tonnes of beverages within four days of the hurricane.

Mera has since provided over ten tonnes of SoyShake nourishment since Hurricane Matthew.